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From: Jacek Lipkowski (sq5bpfACID.CH.PW.EDU.PL)
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 03:53:52 CST

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    Crosscomm/Olicom routers have a undocumented community string ILMI
    (yes, the same as in cisco :) that has read and write permissions (i
    didn't check the whole tree, but you can set system.sysContact.0 for
    example). This was checked on a XLT-F router with software 'XL 80 IM
    Version 5.5 Build Level 2' (this was what it reported via snmp).

    The vendor hasn't been notified, as it doesn't exist (olicom sold their
    router business to Intel, don't know what happened to it later).

    You can consider this a serious vulnerability, because people will find it
    while looking for vulnerable cisco routers.

    Jacek Lipkowski