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From: Darren Nickerson (darrenDAZZA.ORG)
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 01:23:43 CDT

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    A format bug has been discovered in hfaxd. Details of the report may be found


    A patch to address the problem may be found at:


    This patch fixes the problem, and also removes the suid bit from the hfaxd
    binary. Anyone experiencing problems as a result of this change please contact

    We intend to release a beta-4 very soon which will include the above fix. In
    the meantime, if you are unable to upgrade or rebuild HylaFAX from patched
    source, we recommend that you remove the suid root bit from the hfaxd

            chmod a-s /usr/sbin/hfaxd (or whatever your path is)