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From: Adam Laurie (adamALGROUP.CO.UK)
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 09:01:15 CDT

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    at the time of writing, 5.0p2 is the currently available revision on
    iplanet's download site.

    the problem:

    the standard install of iPlanet Calendar server stores the NAS LDAP
    admin username and password in plaintext in the world readable file:

    -rw-r--r-- 1 icsuser icsgroup 37882 Feb 20 10:18

    in the fields

      local.authldapbinddn (username)


      local.authldapbindcred (password)

    this potentially gives all local users full read/write access to the
    underlying NAS LDAP database (which is normally used for admin
    facilities such as storing user / group profiles, passwords, ACLs, SSL
    certificates and/or other sensitive company information), and full
    administrative control of the local NAS server. this access could in
    turn lead to compromise of other facilities such as web/e-commerce
    sites, directories etc.

    i believe that the default install of the underlying NAS LDAP server and
    associated administration packages allow remote admin via tcp/ip, so
    other remote compromises that allow reading of world readable files (or
    any other disclosures of the above file contents) could lead to full
    remote read/write access of the NAS LDAP database and full remote
    administrative control of the server.

    this was reported to iplanet at the end of february 2001, who requested
    i submit it to netscape's online bug-tracking system which i did on 3rd
    march. i have heard nothing from them since. i have not personally
    investigated or tested any fix for this.


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