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From: Maxim Masiutin (maxRITLABS.COM)
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 05:40:38 CDT

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    Hello 3APA3A!

      The Bat! v1.42 Beta/10 released Sat, 21 Apr 2001 fixes CR handling
      that you've described. It is now strict to line endings. Only
      <CR><LF>.<CR><LF> is now treated as end of message.

    Mon, 23 Apr 2001 12:46:23 +0400, you wrote:

    mfb>> This is not a bug of The Bat! but a bug of MTA (POP3/SMTP servers)
    mfb>> that allow such odd messages. The proposed "bad-message"
    mfb>> (http://www.security.nnov.ru/files/badmess.zip) is not
    mfb>> RFC-compliant. Any RFC-compliant POP3/SMTP server must either bounce
    mfb>> or cure it. I've used a proposed example to send the message to
    mfb>> myself, on a FreeBSD server with Sendmail 8.11.1 I've typed
    mfb>> cat badmess | sendmail -U maxritlabs.com

    3> You're wrong. This message _is_ RFC 822 and RFC 1251 compliant. In
    3> fact, RFC 822 absolutely clear allows <CR> and <LF> even in some
    3> message headers:

    3> text = <any CHAR, including bare ; => atoms, specials,
    3> CR & bare LF, but NOT ; comments and
    3> including CRLF> ; quoted-strings are
    3> ; NOT recognized.

    3> _any_ pop3 server shouldn't change this message, because RFC 1939
    3> follows RFC 822 for message standard.

    3> RFC 821 (SMTP) simply says "The mail data may contain any of the 128
    3> ASCII character codes".

    3> RFC 1251 allow message to contains any binary data and strings of any
    3> length. In fact, sendmail allows any characters (including NULL) to be
    3> in message body. "badmess" was tested with sendmail 8.9.3 + mail.local
    3> + UW-pop3d 7.59.

    3> P.S. I didn't tested The Bat! with NULL characters in message body...
    3> If something like

    3> <CR><LF>NULL.<CR><LF>-ERR

    3> in message body hurts The Bat! badly RitLabs better patch it right now
    3> :)

    Maxim Masiutin
    Vice President, Ritlabs S.R.L.