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From: neme-dhcHUSHMAIL.COM
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 08:15:33 CDT

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     [ Advisory for Small HTTP Server v2.03 ]
     [ Site: http://feokt.spb.ru ]
     [ by nemesystm of the DHC ]
     [ (http://dhcorp.cjb.net - neme-dhchushmail.com) ]
     [ ADV-0111 ]

    Small HTTP Server is a webserver. It has a simple
    denial of service.

    /-|=[who is vulnerable]=|-\
    Anyone running Small HTTP Server v2.03 and
    presumably older versions on Windows 98/ME.

    /-|=[testing it]=|-\
    To test this vulnerability, try the following.
    It should crash the whole computer requiring a

    Not known at the moment: vendor did not respond.
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