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From: bashis (bashNS.WCD.SE)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 13:00:47 CDT

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    It's possible to crash Cisco Catalyst 2900XL with a empty UDP
    packet to port 161 when SNMP is disabled. (Other switches also?)

    The crash only occurs when the switch is booted with SNMP disabled.
    Seems that SNMP is listening, even if SNMP is disabled.. (?)

    I have only tested this with Software Version 12.0(5.2)XU,
    on my WS-C2924C-XL-EN switch.

    Workaround: Enable SNMP, or enable SNMP and then disable SNMP.

    Vendor notified 19 April 2001.
    No response yet.

    A simple empty UDP packet sender included.