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From: Marc Maiffret (marceeye.com)
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 18:08:54 CDT

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    iPlanet Netscape Enterprise Web Publisher Buffer Overflow

    Release Date:
    May 11, 2001

    High (Remote SYSTEM level code execution)

    Systems Affected:
    Netscape Enterprise 4.1 and prior versions.

    The Web Publisher feature in Netscape Enterprise 4.1 is vulnerable to a
    buffer overflow. By sending a large buffer containing executable code and a
    new Instruction Pointer, an attacker is able to gain remote system shell
    access to the vulnerable server.

    The overflow itself exists in Publishers handling of the URI (Uniform
    Resource Identifier). By specifying GETPROPERTIES, GETATTRIBUTENAMES, or any
    other one of the publisher specific methods, we can pass data into
    vulnerable section of the server and exploit the vulnerability.

    C:\>telnet www.example.com 80
    Connecting To www.example.com... connected.
    GETPROPERTIES /(buffer) HTTP/1.1
    Host: Hostname

    Where (buffer) is 2000 characters.

    The Exploit:
    We have not had time yet to produce a proof of concept exploit, however
    expect one soon.

    Vendor Status:
    Quote from iPlanet's development team: "The security & stability of
    iPlanet's customer's environments is one of our paramount concerns. To
    ensure the stability of our customer's environments iPlanet has made
    available an NSAPI patch that can be applied to iPlanet Web Server,
    Enterprise Edition."

    The NSAPI patch is available at:
    http://iplanet.com/products/iplanet_web_enterprise/iwsalert5.11.html .
    This issue will also be addressed by the release of iPlanet Web Server,
    Enterprise Edition version 4.1 Service Pack 8.

    Riley Hassell (rileyeeye.com)

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