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From: Oracle Security Alerts (secalert_usoracle.com)
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 14:04:54 CDT

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    Post date: 05/22/01

    Vulnerability in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i Applications
    Desktop Integrator

    A potential security vulnerability has been discovered in Applications
    Desktop Integrator (ADI) version 7.X for Oracle E-Business Suite Release
    11i. A debug version of the FNDPUB11I.DLL was inadvertently released
    with a patch to Applications Desktop Integrator (ADI) version 7.X. This
    DLL writes a debug file to the client machine that includes the clear
    text APPS schema password. A malicious user could use this DLL to obtain
    the APPS schema password and thereby gain elevated privileges.

    Products Affected
    Any Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i installation may be affected by
    this vulnerability, even if the ADI product is not being used.

    Platforms Affected
    All platforms.

    The debug version of FNDPUB11I.DLL has been replaced with a production
    version. In addition, a patch is available that introduces an enhanced
    security feature, Application Server Security, to prevent the debug DLL
    from connecting to the database. The complete solution to this
    vulnerability requires both replacement of the debug version DLL and
    implementation of the Application Server Security patch. The patches for
    this vulnerability can be downloaded from the Oracle Worldwide Support
    Services web site, Metalink (http://metalink.oracle.com). Press the
    "Patches" button to get to the Patch Download page.
    Click on the link labeled "Click Here for ALL Product Patches". Enter
    the patch number, select a platform, then press Submit to access the
    correct patch for your platform.

    To obtain the full Application Server Security patch, download patch
    1779336. The patch includes:
    - Application Server Security feature
    - Trusted implementations of middle-tier connection code

    If you do not wish to upgrade your middle-tier application servers at
    this time, a database-only version for the patch is also available as
    Patch Number 1785034. This patch contains only the Application Server
    Security feature. As a result of applying this patch, application
    servers with old connection code will need to be registered as trusted
    servers before they can access the database. See the README.TXT files
    associated with the patch for further instructions.

    Apply the Application Server Security patch and turn server security
    'ON'. The old versions of ADI will no longer be able to connect. New
    versions of ADI are available which contain a trusted implementation of
    the FNDPUB11I.DLL connection code. A new version of ADI will be required
    to connect to a database which has Application Server Security enabled.
    Obtain the correct ADI patch for your current version:
    ADI Version Patch
    ----------------- -------
    7.0 1775480
    7.1.2 1775479
    7.1.3 1775476

    After turning on Application Server Security, it is strongly recommended
    that the APPS schema password be changed.

    Oracle Corporation wishes to thank Melanie Abbas for discovering this