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From: joetestahushmail.com
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 15:45:37 CDT

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    Vulnerability in viewsrc.cgi


    viewsrc.cgi v2.0 is a source-code viewing CGI script available from
    http://www.mimanet.com/scripts. A vulnerability exists which
    allows a remote user to view any file on the server.


    The following URL demonstrates the problem:

                             loc=../[any file outside restricted directory]


    Apply the following patch to viewsrc.cgi:

    > $FORM{'loc'} =~ s/\.\.//g;
    > $FORM{'loc'} =~ s/\\//g;
    > $FORM{'loc'} =~ s/\///g;
    < open (INHTML, "$predo") or die &err_loc;

    >          open (INHTML, "<$predo") or die &err_loc;

    This patch removes any '..', '/', or '\'s present in the $FORM{'loc'} variable. It also makes the open() command safer by using the '<' read-only specifier.

    Vendor Status

    MIMAnet was contacted via <webmastermimanet.com> on Tuesday, May 1, 2001. Roberto R. Morelli <morellialtair7.com> quickly replied and stated that the problem was verified and an official fix would be released. Twenty two days have passed, and nothing has been done.

    - Joe Testa

    e-mail: joetestahushmail.com web page: http://hogs.rit.edu/~joet AIM: LordSpankatron

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