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From: Megyer Laszlo (lezsch.bme.hu)
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 07:03:25 CDT

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    Hi BugTrackers

    Just a little bug to tell:


    accept.c, line 2506:
            else if (smtp_reply != NULL) moan_smtp_batch(NULL, smtp_reply);

    while moan_smtp_batch is like this:
            moan_smtp_batch(char *cmd_buffer, char *format, ...)

    So when smtp_reply contains format strings, it get transformed by

    Why I said that it's a little bug?

    This piece of code is only executed when exim is configured to check incoming mails' headers:
    /etc/exim.conf should have an option set:

    By default it's turned OFF.
    only few ppl turn it on.

    So it's NOT vulnerable BY DEFAULT.


    Try this:
    lez:~$ /usr/sbin/exim -bS
    mail from:lezlez
    rcpt to:hax0rlez


    Somewhere in the answers you should see:
    550 Syntax error in 'From' header: domain missing or malformed: failing address is: 0x80beba00x804d2690x80be6600x80be6680x80bd050(nil)(nil)(nil)(nil)0x80b9d40

    If you change %p's to %s's, you get segfault. With carefully constructed thing, it's easy to overwrite saved eip with %n's, and get root out of this bug.

    No exploit yet, but after the many local format bug exploits it's not a big work to write one for a skilled man.

    Megyer Laszlo (Lez)