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From: Wizdumb (wizdumbunix.za.net)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 02:30:20 CDT

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    Perception LiteServe <http://www.cmfperception.com/liteserve.html> is a
    Web, FTP and e-Mail server for Win*. When GET requests are made to
    LiteServe's webserver with the name of the cgi-bin directory as a MS-DOS
    directory name (eg. cgi-shizznitch=CGI-SH~1 and cgi-bin=CGI-BIN),
    LiteServe will read the script instead of executing it.

    The vendor has been informed, and a fixed version (v1.28) is now available
    on Perception's website. Thanks to Chris Fillion for his prompt response.

    Andrew Lewis