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From: ByteRage (byterageyahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 09:23:53 CDT

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    BisonFTP Server V4R1 *.bdl upload Directory Traversal


    Bison FTP Server V4R1


    BisonFTP Server V4R1 allows any user to upload *.bdl
    (a file format invented to make links to directories)

    PUT \local.bdl remote.bdl

    (We don't even need to append a dot, we can just
    upload it)

    If we create a *.bdl pointing to the harddrive's root
    (using our own copy of BisonFTP Server) and we CD to
    that link, we can browse the entire drive and we have
    the same rights as we have in our homedirectory + we
    can dive into subdirs whilst keeping the same rights.

    users with write permissions can traverse directories,
    by uploading a bdl file pointing to the desired


    I have sent this advisory to infobisonftp.com

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