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From: Daniel Wittenberg (daniel-wittenberguiowa.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 13:16:15 CDT

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    While working with the commercial version of Arkeia backup software I
    noticed it creates most of it's "database" files with the permissions of
    666. This was version 4.2.8-2 of the server, and I had noticed this several
    updates ago, so it's been going on for some time. The database files are
    located in /usr/knox/arkeia/dbase. I have tried resetting the permissions
    on the files, but they get reset again when backup runs again. I tried
    contacting Knox Software but was told more than once that basically I don't
    have a support contract so they wouldn't talk to me - they were warned. I
    wasn't able to find anything about this in their documentation.


    Daniel Wittenberg
    System Administrator
    University of Iowa