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From: ron (rdrsteelrat.kernelsutra.com)
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 23:27:07 CDT

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    I have found a vulnerability with ARCServe for NT 6.61 SP2a. I stumbled upon this while performing a vulnerability analysis.


    The default install of ARCServe for NT creates a hidden share on Windows NT machines when it is installed.

    The name of this share is ARCSERVE$.

    The permissions of the share allow all users in a domain to map this share. However, this is not the worst part.

    Within the share is a file named aremote.dmp. The full path is ARCSERVE$\DR\<NAME of SERVER>\aremote.dmp.

    In the aremote.dmp file, the account name that runs the backup is in cleartext within this file. Also, a little further
    within the file, the password for the account is in cleartext.

    Seeing as how the account that performs backups can access system files, this is very dangerous. Some places run their
    backups as the NT domain administrator account.


    CA has been notified and will be making a patch available to all customers.

    Also, it _should_ be possible to change the share permissions, allowing only the backup account and the administrator access to the share.

    I am not sure if this is in ARCServe 2000 or in releases prior, as I have not checked them.

    - rdr