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From: Matthew Murphy (mattmurphy_at_kc.rr.com)
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 10:58:23 CDT

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    Recently, I reported on a vulnerability in the Urlcount.cgi script of
    Lil'HTTP Server (Summit Computer Networks). This time, another
    CGI (pbcgi.cgi) has been found vulnerable to cross-site scripting.

    Some versions of this CGI will take the form input you POST/GET
    to it, and break it into name/e-mail. It does not properly sanitize
    the input used in this process, making it vulnerable to cross-site
    scripting attacks.

    Although the entire form data string is not decoded (and thus is
    not vulnerable to XSS in most browsers), the "Name" and "E-mail"
    strings that the CGI creates ARE decoded, resulting in a security


    Given the lack of a response from PowerBASIC with my previous
    issue, I do not expect the vendor to release a fix anytime soon.

    Vulnerable administrators should remove the pbcgi.cgi application
    from their CGI-BIN folder.

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