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From: kim0 (kim0_at_phenoelit.de)
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 08:53:18 CDT

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                kim0   <kim0phenoelit.de>
            Phenoelit (http://www.phenoelit.de)
    90C0 969C EC71 01DC 36A0  FBEF 2D72 33C0 77FC CD42

    Phenoelit Advisory <wir-haben-auch-mal-was-gefunden #0815 +-+->

    [ Authors ] FX <fxphenoelit.de> kim0 <kim0phenoelit.de> Zet <zetdarklab.org>

    Phenoelit Group (http://www.phenoelit.de) Advisory http://www.phenoelit.de/stuff/HP_ProCurve.txt

    [ Affected Products ] Hewlett Packard (HP) ProCurve Switch

    Tested on HP J4121A ProCurve Switch 4000M revision C.07.23, ROM C.06.01

    HP Bug ID: Not assigned

    [ Vendor communication ] 06/29/02 Initial Notification, security-alerthp.com *Note-Initial notification by phenoelit includes a cc to certcert.org by default 06/29/02 RBL blocked delivery to security-alerthp.com 06/29/02 Creation of ho-mail account and resend 07/29/02 Auto-responder reply 07/02/02 Human confirmation, PGP exchange and ack. 07/19/02 Notification of intent to post publically in apx. 7 days. 07/23/02 Coordination for release date/times

    [ Overview ] HP ProCurve Switches are the current offering in the switch market from Hewlett Packard. [ Description ] SNMP variable accessible by SNMP WRITE with 85 characters crashes the ProCurve Switch upon next connect to the TELNET or HTTP Port (.iso. [ Example ] linux# snmpwrite <switch_ip> private .iso. \ s `perl -e 'print "A"x85;'`

    [ Solution ] None known at this time.

    [ end of file ]