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From: Carlos Laviola (carlos_at_laviola.org)
Date: Sun Aug 11 2002 - 05:13:32 CDT

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    On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 05:44:27PM -0400, Mike Chambers wrote:
    > The linux and solaris updates will be avaliable later today.
    > You will be able to download it at:
    > www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/

    I've downloaded this fixed version, but it seems to be vulnerable to
    something I've discovered last week: if you take a .swf and rot13 encode
    it (not all of it, so the headers are not messed up), you can crash the
    user's browser. I've tested it on Netscape 4.77 with Flash 4.0 r12 and
    Galeon 1.2.5, which is based on Mozilla 1.0, with Flash 5.0 r50 (both
    running on Debian unstable) and IE 6.0 (on Windows 2000) and all of them
    crash instantly when I try to open the rot13-garbled file.

    Check it out:

    http://alternex.com.br/~claviola/sample1.swf (original)
    http://alternex.com.br/~claviola/sample2.swf (modified)

    Carlos Laviola <carloslaviola.org>