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OpenBSD kernel holes ...

Date: Tue Nov 18 2003 - 12:54:39 CST

once again i am honored to present you a generic and robust way to own
OpenBSD 2.x-3.x, enjoy ;)

it is quite funny to name ring 0 overflow patches as "reliability fixes".
who does theo thinks he is fooling ? kiddies in his cult ?

you can patch your useless/old openbsd systems by visiting;

- noir

from http://www.wideopenbsd.org/errata.html

All architectures

     005: RELIABILITY FIX: November 4, 2003
     It is possible for a local user to cause a system panic by executing
     a specially crafted binary with an invalid header.
     A source code patch exists which remedies the problem.

reliability ??? ehh ;-P yeah yeah right!