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Re: Unhackable network really unhackable?

From: Julian Wynne (bugjulesanarkey.org)
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 17:34:14 CST

In-Reply-To: <20031124214628.9101.AKURODAmx5.nisiq.net>

Dear Atsushi,

Thank you for your interest in InvisiLan technology. Regarding the hackchallenge;
due to practical reasons (we are in the process of creating a proper demo-space in
Amsterdam) we have decided to postpone the event.

We would like to make very clear that in the meantime anyone who wants to do a
live on-site test is more than welcome. Further enquiries can be made through <

Furthermore we would like to point out that InvisiLAN technology has no relation
whatsoever with DHCP, for example InvisiLAN changes randomly not just the IP
address but also the MAC address and the port numbers.

We understand that the claim of unhackability is a steep one but I can assure you
that anyone who has tested the system in the past has been swept away by the
effectiveness and the implications of this new technology.

Best regards,

Julian Wynnne
Director of Sales and Marketing

>Have you ever checked out the InvisiLAN technology?
>InvisiLAN is seemingly developed by ex-KGB and CIA directors. It's a
>random IP change technology inside LAN by a set of secureID like
>network cards and special router. Anarkey Network security, a Dutch
>company started to distribute InvisiLAN in Europe recently. I saw that
>they started "hacker's challenge 2003" to let hackers to break their
>invisible LAN security, however the news disappeared right away. I'm
>very curious about the technology. Are there someone who're
>knowledgeable about a security method to change randomly individual
>PC's IP?

>Programmer::Atsushi Kuroda::akurodamx5.nisiq.net