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netscreen flaw?

From: tito (mochafrapmix.ph)
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 00:15:44 CST


I have 5 NS500 boxes here with these details:

  Hardware Version: 4110(0)
   Software Version:
  4.0.3r4.0 (Firewall+VPN)

using netscreen's web UI on management,
with the Idle timeout set to 15 minutes or if I
want to logout, Internet Explorer would prompt me

"The Web page you are viewing is trying to close the window.
Do you want to close this window?"*0

If I choose no, and go back to the navigator bar to re-enter the
Netscreen management IP address

will lead you directly to the home page*6,1,1

I don't have to enter any login credentials
to be able to to peak or tweak the firewall...

this shouldn't be the case (even if you tell me
to logout then close the window at all times,
even if I disable cookies)(can't browse the web UI
with my Internet Explorer security settings set to high.)

as the idle timeout must always require me to re-enter
my username/password after n minutes of inactivity.

what do you think?


tito basa
makati, philippines

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