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[vulnwatch] Serv-U MDTM Command Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

From: bkbll (bkbllcnhonker.net)
Date: Thu Feb 26 2004 - 09:13:00 CST

[vulnwatch] Serv-U MDTM Command Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

                             Security Advisory

   Advisory Name: Serv-U MDTM Command Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
    Release Date: 02/26/2004
Affected version: Serv-U <
          Author: bkbll <bkbllcnhonker.net>
             URL: http://www.cnhonker.com/advisory/serv-u.mdtm.txt

    The Serv-U is a ftp daemon runs on windows. Serv-U supports a ftp command "MDTM" for user changing
file time . There is a buffer overflow when a user logged in and send a malformed time zone as MDTM argument.
This can be remote exploit and gain SYSTEM privilege.


    When a user logged in, he can send this
    You must have a valid user account and password to exploit it, and you are not need WRITE or any other privilege.
And even the test.txt,which is the file you request, can not be there. :)
    So you can put your shellcode as the filename.

About HUC:

     HUC is still alive.
[bkbllcnhonker.net bkbll]#date +"%%F %%T"
[bkbllcnhonker.net bkbll]#2004-02-26 23:11:36