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Hastymail security update

From: Jason Munro (jasonstdbev.com)
Date: Tue Aug 24 2004 - 10:31:13 CDT


  Hastymail is a web based IMAP client written in PHP4 released under the
GNU GPL. More information about Hastymail can be found at our homepage:



  A problem was discovered yesterday regarding the use of the "download"
link to download message parts using Internet Explorer while on the message
view page. When using Internet Explorer and clicking on "download" for a
HTML message part it is possible that rather than prompt the user to save
the file it will open UNFILTERED in the user's web browser. Though we set
the MIME type of the file to be downloaded to application/octet-stream we
did not send the "attachment" paramater in the HTTP Content-Disposition
header, therefore Internet Explorer would assume the file should be
displayed inline, most likely looking at the filename extension to
determine how to open it.


We have made patches for current versions and a drop in replacement file
available on our website. New versions of both our development and stable
series have also been released. The only difference between the new stable
version (1.0.2) and the prior version is a fix for this problem. The new
development version (1.2) also contains some other fixes and a few new

patch for 1.1:

patch for 1.0.1:

drop in replacement file for BOTH 1.1 and 1.0.1:

download 1.2 or 1.0.2:

---More information---

  As this issue could represent a way for activex or javascript to be
executed without user consent, we recommend all sites upgrade to the latest
version, use the drop-in replacement file, or patch their existing
installation. More information can be found on our security page at:


Thanks to Manish Raje for reporting this issue.

\__ Jason Munro
 \__ jasonstdbev.com
  \__ http://hastymail.sourceforge.net/