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RE: AW: PayPal "security" measures

From: J B (kybrdcowboyhotmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 11:33:37 CDT

Hi guys,

can you let me know what steps you took to get this situation. Did you just
sign in and get this message right there? Did you click on any tabs? I
tried to recreate the situation you guys were seeing, but have been unable
to do so.

It almost sounds like phishing, or a man in the middle attack redirecting
you or attempting to redirect you elsewhere.

Very interesting situation, Can you provide some more info please.



> >need it? I can't contact them about this because they always throw up
> >"randomly selected" screen wanting my sensitive info before I can even
> >them or leave feedback.
>Has anyone here been able to contact this company and gotten
>any reasonable response (i.e. some real and competent person,
>not automated replies or replies that clearly tell you the
>person responding did not even read your request)?
>I have not - and that pertains to all 3 times I tried
>to contact them up to now.
>Maybe some paypal-person reading here?

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