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[cosmoshop <= 8.10.78] be the shopadmin in one step

Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 00:24:50 CDT

author : l0om innate| t | gmx.de
product: cosmoshop
version: <= 8.10.78
problem: 1. sql injection
         2. cleartext passwords
         3. view any file
maunuf.: www.cosmoshop.de

what is cosmoshop
cosmoshop is a comercial shop system written as a CGI.

where is the problem

1. sql injection

the administration login panel suffers from a bad written login function caused by unfiltered parameters which are put into a sql query. everyone can log in as admin and can change the pages content. the best/worst of it is: you can download a mysql dump of the whole shop with the "backup" feature...

other features are:
Article, Columns, Statistics, Supplier, Attitudes, Texts, Design, Orderprocedure, Mailtexts, Auxiliary-sides, Interfaces, Newletter, Coupons

2. passwords saved in cleartext

the passwords are stored in cleartext within the database!

3. view any file

in the "bestmail_edit.cgi" you can view any file in the system which can be viewed with the permissions of the werbserver if you use the "file" parameter like "..&file=../../[..]/etc/passwd".
you have to be logged in as admin to use this "feature". to log in as admin see (1). ;)

- use htaccess login for the administration interface.
- update to a fixed version.

where to get fixed version?
somewhere over the rainbow...