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Re: file include exploits in nucleus 3.23

Date: Sat Jun 17 2006 - 11:21:46 CDT

These files are not vulnerable,
I checked the codes of them and i see that for
include('./config.php'); // common functions
include_once($DIR_LIBS . 'ACTION.php');

include($DIR_LIBS . 'MEDIA.php'); // media classes

include("../../config.php"); // include Nucleus libs and code
include($DIR_LIBS . "xmlrpc.inc.php");

DIR_LIBS already defined by config.php..

also for api_metaweblog.inc.php this is not working directly through browser it just have functions and i think you see that and thought its vulnerable.
function _newMediaObject($blogid, $username, $password, $info) {
                // - add file to media library
                include_once($DIR_LIBS . 'MEDIA.php'); // media classes
Please post correct vulnerabilities and be a real.
Dont post reports for being famous nowadays we are having this problem in BT mailing list.
Also please dont give me credits about your exploits. (Not for you SWEET) just for who send greetz to me.
Mustafa Can Bjorn IPEKCI