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ZDI-07-014: Kaspersky Anti-Virus ActiveX Control Unsafe Method Exposure Vulnerablity

Date: Thu Apr 05 2007 - 17:58:31 CDT

ZDI-07-014: Kaspersky Anti-Virus ActiveX Control Unsafe Method Exposure
April 5, 2007

-- CVE ID:

-- Affected Vendor:

-- Affected Products:
Anti-Virus 6.0
Internet Security 6.0

-- TippingPoint(TM) IPS Customer Protection:
TippingPoint IPS customers have been protected against this
vulnerability since February 2, 2007 by Digital Vaccine protection
filter ID 5061, 5062. For further product information on the TippingPoint


-- Vulnerability Details:
This vulnerability allows remote attackers to download and remove any
file on vulnerable installations of Kaspersky Anti-Virus. User
interaction is required to exploit this vulnerability in that the
target must visit a malicious page.

The specific flaws exist within the ActiveX controls
AXKLPROD60Lib.KAV60Info and AXKLSYSINFOLib.SysInfo defined in the
following DLLs/CLSIDs:

    DLL: AxKLProd60.dll
    CLSID: D9EC22E7-1A86-4F7C-8940-0303AE5D6756

    DLL: AxKLSysInfo.dll
    CLSID: BA61606B-258C-4021-AD27-E07A3F3B91DB

Several methods exposed by these ActiveX controls can be abused by

    Function DeleteFile (
        ByVal strFileName As String

    Function StartBatchUploading (
        ByVal arrFiles As Variant ,
        ByVal strFTPAddress As String ,
        ByVal strFTPUploadPath As String
    ) As Long
    Function StartStrBatchUploading (
        ByVal strFiles As String ,
        ByVal strFTPAddress As String ,
        ByVal strFTPUploadPath As String
    ) As Long
    Function StartUploading (
        ByVal strFilePath As String ,
        ByVal strFTPAddress As String ,
        ByVal strFTPUploadPath As String
    ) As Long

-- Vendor Response:
Kaspersky has issued an update to correct this vulnerability. More
details can be found at:


-- Disclosure Timeline:
2007.01.08 - Vulnerability reported to vendor
2007.02.02 - Digital Vaccine released to TippingPoint customers
2007.04.05 - Coordinated public release of advisory

-- Credit:
This vulnerability was discovered by an anonymous researcher.

-- About the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI):
Established by TippingPoint, a division of 3Com, The Zero Day Initiative
(ZDI) represents a best-of-breed model for rewarding security
researchers for responsibly disclosing discovered vulnerabilities.

Researchers interested in getting paid for their security research
through the ZDI can find more information and sign-up at:


The ZDI is unique in how the acquired vulnerability information is used.
3Com does not re-sell the vulnerability details or any exploit code.
Instead, upon notifying the affected product vendor, 3Com provides its
customers with zero day protection through its intrusion prevention
technology. Explicit details regarding the specifics of the
vulnerability are not exposed to any parties until an official vendor
patch is publicly available. Furthermore, with the altruistic aim of
helping to secure a broader user base, 3Com provides this vulnerability
information confidentially to security vendors (including competitors)
who have a vulnerability protection or mitigation product.