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Remote command execution in Ruby Gem ldoce 0.0.2

Date: Mon Apr 01 2013 - 21:14:07 CDT

Remote command execution in Ruby Gem ldoce 0.0.2

Larry W. Cashdollar

Ldoce Ruby Gem:

Easily interface with the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English API from Ruby:

NB currently mac only as it depends on the afplay command.


Ldoce passes an mp3 url to commandline for audio output of the pronunciation of a dictonary word:

If the URL or filename for the mp3 files contain shell metacharacters code can be executed remotely as the client:


      if mp3?
        unless File.exists? filename
          command = "curl #{mp3_url} -silent > {filename}"
        `afplay #{filename}`

This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-ID CVE-2013-1911