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Subject: Re: [CISSPSTUDY] DoD Trusted Computer Systems Rainbow Series set, where to buy?
From: James Goldston (jgoldston@SSES.NET)
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 15:12:10 CST

I have several sets, but now that I know that there are people willing to
pay that amount I think I'll hold out for a few years. Someday, they may
be worth more than tech stock certificates. ;)

So far as I know, there is no such thing as hardcover editions. Call the
nice folks below and ask for a cd-rom of the set. You'll get the Rainbow
Series and a lot more. Print your own when you need it.

NSA/ISSO Service Center
1-800-688-6115 opt 3
(410) 854-7661

Plus, if you're that interested in the Rainbow Books
http://www.radium.ncsc.mil/tpep/library/rainbow/), you really should also
be looking at the Common Criteria (http://csrc.nist.gov/cc/).

Have a nice day,

At 12:15 PM 12/20/00 -0700, LJM wrote:
>Hey everyone,
>Im trying my hardest to find a complete hardcover/large paperback edition of
>the entire rainbow series.
>For those that dont know, the Rainbow Series is six-foot tall stack of books
>on evaluating "Trusted Computer Systems" according to the National Security
>Agency. The term "Rainbow Series" comes from the fact that each book is a
>different color. The main book (upon which all other expound) is the Orange
>I ordered a copy of hte Orange book from the NTIS but for 45 bucks i think i
>just ordered a photocopy print out of it, i was looking for the larger
>hardcover editions of these books?
>Amazingly amazon.com doesn't carry this set
>If anyone knows where i can purchase a complete set (in somewhat decent
>condition) please let me know, my email address is:
>Thanks :o)

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