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Crypto Archives: Re: Smart cards & Readers

Re: Smart cards & Readers

Rod Oden (rododenearthlink.net)
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 21:47:25 -0700

I believe that a cohort has forwarded your email to me...
My name is Rod Oden and I'm a master locksmith and security consultant.
The technology that you are interested in is called "the Dallas Chip".
Many companies are licensed to use this technology and incorporate the same into relative products.
If it's an audit trail you seek this is a good way to go.
Please reply back to me a wish list of features and I shall guide you to the exact product you need.
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  From: Mike Viereck
  To: coderpunkstoad.com
  Sent: Sunday, September 19, 1999 11:16 AM
  Subject: Smart cards & Readers

  Dear Sirs,
  Can you help us? I saw your website.

  We own a couple property management companies. As a result we have a need to track a large number of single-family home keys. We would like to utilize the smart card/chip and reading technology to accomplish this.

  We have seen systems that incorporate this technology in the form of small nickel size buttons that has an intelligent chip inside. They incorporate a large rack(s) to hold all the keys. The system is programmed to recognize the presence of absence of each key.

  We are interested in finding a source for the buttons - or cards and the associated sensors. We can do the programming.

  We could even attach a plastic card to all our keys. The challenge from this point is to have a large board with readers to verify all the keys - thousands! Your guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank-you.

  Mike Viereck, (253) 858-9723, mike642.com


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