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Subject: RE: A proposal for secure videoconferencing and video messaging o ver the Internet
From: Trei, Peter (ptreirsasecurity.com)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 08:08:34 CDT

> ----------
> From: Greg Rose[SMTP:ggrqualcomm.com]
> At 06:50 00/07/26 -0400, Chip Mefford wrote:
> >I work with isdn based VTC stuff all the time, I think that faking
> >the far side would be trivial given a pool of decent acting, some good
> >voice samples, a good idea of who to fake and some decent make-up people.
> I think many people are overlooking a far more pervasive threat. James'
> message, and indeed the subject line, says "secure". To be secure you must
> have privacy. A man in the middle can see and listen to everything, and be
> a faithful relay, without any more technology needed than IP forwarding.
> The authentication is needed to be sure that you are talking *directly* to
> the other party, not only to be sure who that party is.
> Greg.
A data point:

Back when I was working at MITRE, in the mid-90s, we had
intersite VTC systems (pretty fancy - special rooms, multiple
screens, etc) between our Massachusetts and
Virginia sites. I'm told it took half a T1.

And yes, even then there were line encryptors fast enough that
we could use them for classified discussions.

Peter Trei