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Subject: Re: Kill the RIAA: a protocol
From: David Honig (honigsprynet.com)
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 16:36:33 CDT

At 02:45 AM 7/28/00 +0800, Craig Raskin wrote:
>This brings up an interesting point. What if there was a FLEXlm type
>server where music could be checked in and out.

Its called a library. Your income has probably been stolen to pay
for one near you.

>Since no duplication
>would be taking place there would be no copyright problems.

Huh? If you can see or hear it, it can be copied; CDs can be copied
perfectly, being digital.

If users
>could somehow donate their unused licenses, old records laying in
>the back of their closets, there would be plenty to go around
>without running into legal problems.

I consider downloading an MP3 made by someone else, of a song I *licensed*
(by virtue of buying an implementation) twenty years ago on vinyl, to be
non infringing. I think judges would agree.

>Each donated recording would
>effectively increase the number of 'Rights To Use' available.

Extrapolate to software...