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Subject: Re: The problem with SSH2
From: Jeffrey Altman (jaltmancolumbia.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 00:22:27 CST

> > I can't say whether SRP is or is not covered by the EKE or A-EKE
> > patents because I'm not qualified to make that assessment. But I have
> > yet to hear anyone make an argument for why they believe it is
> > covered.
> Nor have I heard anyone make an argument for why it's NOT covered
> clearly it's a similar sort of beast. The fact that I've never
> heard such an argument isn't the sort of thing I normally like
> to rely on when making such decisions.

Fine. We all know both Steve and Tom. Isn't there some way we can
get this addressed?

What would you like to see from Tom that would ease your mind?

I doubt we will get Lucent (Bell Labs) to publish a statement that
their patents do not cover SRP. Keeping the waters muddy is in their
best interested.

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