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Re: [Dataloss] More on the BofA card-cancellations

From: Sharon Besser (sbessergmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 13:05:30 CST

Lets wait until the "he said, she said" smoke screen would disappear.
As far as we know, *something* happened. Personally, I do not believe
that its a "much ado about nothing" situation...


On 2/10/06, Chris Walsh <cwalshcwalsh.org> wrote:
> Elsewhere in the article I quoted, The Bank of America is reported as denying
> that the cancellations reported stem from a single incident, whether it be at
> a major retailer or anywhere else.
> "The San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday that Bank of America Corp. canceled debit cards and suspended online account access for numerous customers after a breach at a third party the Charlotte company would not identify.
> However, B of A disputed the article's conclusion that the customer notices cited by the Chronicle stemmed from a single incident.
> The newspaper reported that the company told customers in letters this week that a breach occurred at "a third-party location unrelated to Bank of America."
> According to the article, B of A would not give the number of customers affected, but it said the breach did not occur at a processor."
> This is "he said, she said", at least in terms of official pronouncements,
> and that is a problem.

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