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Re: [Dataloss] [vanderajgreebo.net: SF new column announcement: Strict liability for data breaches?]

From: blitz (blitzstrikenet.kicks-ass.net)
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 11:45:25 CST

The regs are written so as to maximize law-vulture profits after enactment.
EVERY rule enacted into law is done this way, being purposely vague,
until they ascertain where the profit can be milked from. At that
point, their income stream will be guaranteed by future amendments to
the rules to insure un-interrupted litigation and profit stream.
Did you ever think there was any other way? :-D

>I really think the regulations are written in a vacuum. Ever read the
>techincal requirements for HIPAA? I doubt that they had any IT input.
>I could think of a dozen ways that I would have reqorded each passage
>so that it was more specific on the required functions while still
>being flexible enough for future use. But that's just me.
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