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[Dataloss] IL: Papers with personal info found in Check into Cash's trash

From: lyger (lygerattrition.org)
Date: Wed May 23 2007 - 17:02:47 CDT


File boxes stuffed with documents containing the personal information of
payday loan customers were found in a local trash bin Tuesday morning.

The trash bin off North Prospect Avenue contained documents from Check
into Cash, a company that issues payday advance loans. The bin, in an
alley adjacent to the shopping center in which Check into Cash is located,
contained boxes filled with hundreds of papers, such as consumer loan
documents, account registers, collection notes, customer history reports
and customer information sheets. They included Social Security numbers,
addresses, photocopies of driver's licenses and other personal

The News-Gazette confirmed the bin's contents on Tuesday morning after
receiving a tip about the documents on Monday afternoon.

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