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[Dataloss] VA: University Of Virginia Alerts Current And Former Faculty That Sensitive Information Has Been Exposed

From: d2d (d2dattrition.org)
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 09:37:13 CDT

Courtesy ESI : http://www.adamdodge.com/esi/


The University of Virginia has discovered a security breach in one of its
computer applications that resulted in exposure of sensitive information
belonging to current and former U.Va. faculty members. The information included
names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth. No credit card, bank
account or salary information was involved in the incident.

As soon as this breach was discovered, the vulnerability was corrected and a
thorough investigation was instituted. This criminal investigation is being
conducted by University Police in consultation with the FBI and the
University?s computing and audit professionals. The investigation has revealed
that on 54 separate days between May 20, 2005 and April 19, 2007, hackers
tapped into the records of 5,735 faculty members. No suspects have been

No data pertaining to students or the University?s non-faculty employees were

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