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[Dataloss] TX: Texas State Site Leaks Personal Data

From: Dave (daveetiolated.org)
Date: Thu Jul 19 2007 - 12:16:45 CDT


Troy Aikman may not be happy about it, but the State of Texas has made his
address and social security number available via the Internet.

Sensitive information on Aikman, formerly a star quarterback with the
Dallas Cowboys, and thousands of others is available on the Texas
Secretary of State's SOSDirect Web site, according to Steven Peisner, the
president of fraud prevention vendor Sellitsafe Inc., who has provided IDG
News Service with a half-dozen examples of social security numbers he was
able to obtain from the site.

As government pushes more and more documents online, Texas is one of many
state and local governments across the U.S. that is now struggling to
remove sensitive information so that it cannot be misused by criminals.

Peisner found social security numbers on tax liens and on loan agreement
notifications filed with the state, called Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
financing statements.


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