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[Dataloss] follow-up: Connecticut Sues Consultant, Accenture, Over Lost Data

From: security curmudgeon (jerichoattrition.org)
Date: Sun Sep 23 2007 - 04:18:38 CDT

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By Sharon Gaudin
September 20, 2007

The State of Connecticut is suing its own computer consultant, Accenture,
for losing personally identifying information on 58 residents and hundreds
of state bank accounts and purchasing cards.

Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal announced he is suing the
company for illegal negligence, unauthorized use of state property, and
breach of contract. He filed the suit on behalf of state comptroller Nancy
Wyman, whose office contracted with Accenture.

"Accenture deserves censure -- to be held accountable for allowing
valuable secret data to be stolen and putting at risk state taxpayers,
bank accounts, and purchasing cards," Blumenthal said in a statement.
"Accenture acted unconscionably and illegally. It breached its commitment
to keep confidential this highly sensitive financial information. The
company broke its contractual promises and duty of care to safeguard the
secrecy of sensitive data. It misappropriated state property -- taking
significant valuable data for its own use without permission or

Accenture released a statement saying the company is reviewing the matter.

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