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[Dataloss] 30,000 Dutch Credit card details stolen

From: Henry Brown (hbrownknology.net)
Date: Tue Nov 27 2007 - 05:37:27 CST


30,000 Dutch Telsell-customer creditcard details stolen from Telsell
computers, Telsell claims not their responsibility

Customers of the television-sales organization TelSell can not only
tele-shop while relaxing in their lazy chair, they also have a good
chance to be robbed, while in that same chair.

Earlier this year the details of over 30,000 creditcards have been
stolen from Telsell’s computersystems.

The details are from customers who in the past ordered Telsell products,
including slimming belts, fitness equipment and figure-correction
underwear. With the card details cybercriminals can relatively easy make
illegal transfers, where the victims are served the bill.

The Dutch company Telsell has been aware of this theft since 6 months,
but never informed those customers at risk. The company decided take the
credit card organization, looking at Telsell for recovery of the stolen
amounts, to court. This has been discovered in procedural legal
documents, obtained by the Telegraaf, the largest Dutch newspaper.

According to these papers, last May hackers managed to break into, and
compromize Telsell’s computersystems, copying over fifteenthousand Visa
card details and around sixteenthousand Mastercard details.

What is unusual is that Telsell decided not to fore-warn its possibly
affected customers. If they had been warned in time, customers could
have checked their creditcard accounts for irregularities. Anyone who
does not notice illegitimate transfers in their own account statements
timely, will not receive any financial compensation.

The even more unsual explanation by Telsell is: “It is not our
resonsibility to warn our customers” Yesterday the company Telsell
refused to comment. Also it is not clear whether sufficient measures
have been taken to avoid a repeat of the computer systems compromize.

Original article in Dutch


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