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[Dataloss] ID thiefs arrested

From: Henry Brown (hbrownknology.net)
Date: Fri Feb 01 2008 - 15:21:22 CST

 From the Sherman Texas Herald Democrat

SHERMAN In what might turn out to be a multistate or national criminal
operation, Sherman Police jailed four Metroplex-area residents Wednesday
morning after finding them in possession of identity and financial
information belonging to thousands of people. Six others are also
considered suspects.


It was when they declined to let them into the second room that the
officers, because there was marijuana found, called narcotics agents to
the scene, who in turn obtained a search warrant.

The search uncovered four laptop computers inside the second room, and
in vehicles later determined to have been rentals, plus a color printer,
several briefcases, and a two-drawer metal filing cabinet, tossed into
the back seat of one of those vehicles with its keys in the lock.

The file cabinet and briefcases were filled with thousands of people's
personal identity, IRS tax information, banking information, credit
reports, and other financial information. So much information is there,
said one narcotics officer, that they will be asking other agencies for
help in sorting through the evidence.


The police didn't want to rush with the felony charges now, Dawsey said,
because they have so much information and evidence to sift through that
they don't want to compromise the case.

Police have determined that each of the 10 people involved are U.S.
citizens, but have Nigerian connections. None could show proof of
employment, so the police department, under state law, will begin civil
forfeiture procedures on the cash.

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