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[Dataloss] Every Click You Make

From: Richard Forno (rfornoinfowarrior.org)
Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 06:55:12 CDT


Every Click You Make
Internet Providers Quietly Test Expanded Tracking of Web Use to Target

Two juicy nuggets from this article as my caffeine-deprived on-the-road mind
read through this article:

> "I don't view it as violating any privacy data at all," said Anthony Palermo,
> vice present of marketing at Knology. "My understanding is that all these
> companies go through great pains to hash out information that is specific to
> the consumer."

Wait...so it's NOT privacy violation if a company tries to send you
targetted ads based on your online acdtivity? What kind of dope is this guy

> Knology customers, for example, cull the company's 27-page customer service
> agreement or its terms and condition for service to find a vague reference to
> its tracking system.

Yep, how's that for being pro-consumer? Oh, right -- they're pro-profit
first and foremost. I forgot. :(


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