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[Dataloss] [FIN] This is the end...

From: lyger (lygerattrition.org)
Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 23:46:14 CDT


This is the end...
April 11, 2008

Since July 5 2005, Attrition.org has tracked events involving large-scale
thefts and loss of personally identifying information (PII). In the months
and years since then, we, as well as dozens of volunteers, enthusiasts,
and well-wishers have spent literally thousands of hours gathering data,
discussing matters related to data breaches, creating web pages and
databases, and promoting the idea of security and privacy for personal
information. We feel that our combined efforts have been valuable to the
security and privacy communities alike, and we hope that efforts like ours
will continue to promote awareness, and maybe, some day in the future,
actually make a difference.

With that said, we're done.

Much like Attrition.org's past defacement mirror, the time has come for us
to say "no mas". In the past few weeks, it has come to our attention that
too many people are more concerned with making a profit off of our work
without any offer of acknowledgement or compensation. For those who aren't
familiar with Attrition, we're a non-profit hobby site that takes on
"projects" as we see fit, when we want to, and when we have time. For
those who *are* familiar with Attrition, you probably know that we don't
take kindly to being dealt with unfairly. Commercial entities, including
"identity-theft prevention" upstarts and book authors, will gladly contact
us, ask for information and advice, and then not even offer us the
equivalent of a reach-around when selling their materials. We don't pimp
our resources to others; they come to us. Unfortunately, more often than
not, they won't even send us a "thank you". We've mentioned it in the
past, but we're not going to mention it in the future. This is the last

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