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[Dataloss] dataloss: A new beginning

From: lyger (lygerattrition.org)
Date: Fri Apr 11 2008 - 22:34:31 CDT


A new beginning
Fri Apr 11 23:04:01 EST 2008

First off, we would like to thank everyone who emailed us messages of
support about our decision to discontinue our Data Loss resources. So far,
we have received over 50 emails expressing gratitude, concern, and
interest in helping continue the project. To be perfectly honest, the
overwhelming offers of support have been, well, touching. We never
intended for our resources to be so widely held in regard and respected by
security and privacy professionals world-wide, and we are quite thankful
for your messages.

However, some of the messages we received were somewhat saddening, as if
there was a death in the family. We didn't post our notice to cause grief,
but let us all take a step back and look at this objectively. If you have
something you like and, in some cases, rely upon every single day, why
wait until it's gone to say "thanks" or offer support? Isn't that the
classic case of "too little, too late?" Why wait until the corpse is in
the coffin before you start crying? Why not show appreciation for the
living... not the (apparently) dead?

Every single one of you, right now, go pick up your phones, call your mom
and/or your dad, and just say "thanks." Seriously. If this project means
that much to you, the least you can do for us, yourself, and your 'rents
is to do that one small thing. It's called "perspective".

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