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[Dataloss] UVa laptop stolen, had sensitive data

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Date: Wed Apr 16 2008 - 02:49:57 CDT

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By Brian McNeill
April 16, 2008

A laptop stolen from a University of Virginia employee contained sensitive
information about more than 7,000 students, staff and faculty members.

Stolen from an unidentified employee from an undisclosed location in
Albemarle County, the laptop contained a confidential file filled with
names and Social Security numbers.

"As soon as we learned about the theft, we starting moving as quickly as
we could," UVa spokeswoman Carol Wood said.

UVa mailed out letters Monday to each person affected by the data breach.
The university will publicly announce the incident today. The Albemarle
County Police Department is investigating the theft. At the police
department's request, UVa is releasing few details about the incident.

Wood declined to say when the burglary occurred or which academic
departments were affected. She did say, however, that the theft did not
occur on UVa's campus.

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