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[Dataloss] eBay's Korean Unit Apologizes for Hacking Incident

From: security curmudgeon (jerichoattrition.org)
Date: Thu Apr 17 2008 - 03:16:21 CDT

Courtesy of W.K.


eBay's Korean Unit Apologizes for Hacking Incident
Written by T_Korea
Thursday, 17 April 2008

U.S. auction giant eBay's Korean unit apologized Thursday for a hacking
incident that lead to leaks of private information of more than 10 million
users of its service.

Park Joo-man, president of Internet Auction, said in an e-mail apology
sent to affected users that the hacking of its website in early February
lead to the leaking of information of some 10,810,000 users as of its
latest tally with the police.

Internet Auction is controlled by the San Jose, California-based eBay.

"We deeply apologize for causing concern resulting from the hacking
crime," Park said.

The company, after a joint investigation with the police, said that more
than 90 percent of the information outflow was of names, IDs and resident
registration numbers. Credit card and passwords were not likely included
in the leak, it added.

The company and the police allege that a user with the ID named "fuckkr"
may have hacked into the company's website using a type of worm via an
overseas IP address.
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