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[Dataloss] MORE users affected by the SunGard laptop theft

From: Henry Brown (hbrownknology.net)
Date: Tue Apr 22 2008 - 13:48:43 CDT

These from Binghamton University


Another security breach this time following the theft of a laptop
owned by the company which implements the Banner system has exposed
the names and Social Security numbers of over 130 individuals related to
Binghamton University.

This weekend the University notified 11 students and about 120
applicants that their names and Social Security numbers were saved on a
laptop belonging to an employee of SunGard Higher Education, which was
stolen on March 13. The information was password protected, but not
encrypted, and the laptop also contained similar information for about
3,400 Connecticut State University students and an undisclosed number of
University at Buffalo students.

Although SunGard Higher Education, the company which offers consulting
for Banner system users, notified the SUNY system about the theft on
April 9, a BU spokeswoman declined to say what caused the nearly
two-week delay in notifying students about the breach. A SUNY
spokeswoman could not be reached for comment about the time lapse.

According to New York State law, any person or business who handles
sensitive personal information, such as Social Security numbers, must
disclose security breaches, but the law does not specify a time frame
for the notification.


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