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[Dataloss] US Government Computer stolen with PII data

From: Henry Brown (hbrownknology.net)
Date: Fri Aug 01 2008 - 13:54:53 CDT

 From the Knoxville News..


Inspector says TVA's computer tracking policy inadequate
By Larisa Brass

The TVA Inspector General office reports that the agency’s policies for
tracking its computers are inadequate, and in “at least” one case, a
stolen computer contained employee social security numbers.

According to the IG, Since TVA rolled out an inventory system for its
computers in August 2004, called the HP Service Desk, TVA has been
unable to track over 5,550 computers. “The inability to adequately
track, as well as the lack of encryption, on these computers increases
the risk for the disclosure of sensitive or restricted information,” the
report stated.

In addition, it said, the policies for handling and reporting stolen
computers were not consistently followed.

According to the IG, a computer stolen from TVA contained “personally
identifiable information — employee social security numbers.

TVA spokesman Jim Allen said that more than 3,000 of the 5,500 missing
computers had now been accounted for and TVA’s inventory tracking system
has been tightened.


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