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[Dataloss] Police staff pay details misplaced by data company

From: Jon Turner (jjturnergmail.com)
Date: Sat Oct 04 2008 - 02:03:37 CDT


Scotland's largest police force last night revealed that details
relating to staff payroll have been misplaced by a data company.

Strathclyde Police, which has about 8000 officers, said it was told on
Wednesday that data containing the personal details of 49 police
officers and staff had gone missing.

The force said that the affected members were being contacted directly
by e-mail, letter and telephone.

It said there was no evidence to suggest any criminal activity had
occurred and blamed the loss on an administrative error on the part of
the data service provider.

The force also said it appeared that the data had not been mislaid in
transit and said it was in a format which would require specialised
equipment to access.

It said police and the company concerned were making every effort to
recover the data
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